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Property Management

. . . 24 hour construction and repair services for your business or property

MAINSTAY Properties is fully insured and ready to fix or repair any problem you may have in the safest and most efficient way possible. Construction services & repair for commercial and industrial sites, including restaurants and multi-family housing. At MAINSTAY, we take our mission to serve our clients very seriously. To ensure those needs are met, we develop an in-depth understanding of our clients and their unique requirements within the markets we serve. Those markets are diverse and complex, ranging from severely distressed properties requiring immediate attention, emergency repairs to keep your operation running, or rehabilitation and remodeling for sale or tenant use.

MAINSTAY PropertiesOur services include:

  • Property Re-SALE Professionals
  • Entrances: Doors, Hardware, Locks, Glazing
  • Landscaping:  Shrubs, Grass, Mulch, Sprinkler Systems
  • Seasonal Needs:  Snow & Ice Removal, Leaf & Lawn Maintenance
  • Storm Maintenance:  Building Runoff and/or Property Runoff
  • Roofing:  EPDM, Built-ups, Shingles, Metal
  • Foundations:  Crack Repairs, Jacking, Replacement
  • Flooring: Crack Repairs, Tile Repairs, Carpeting
  • Ceiling:  Drop Ceiling Repairs or Replacements, Acoustical Management and Maintenance
  • Walls:  Bearing or Partition:  Removal, Repairs, Office Remodeling, Office Additions, Cubicle Maintenance
  • All Carpentry Needs
  • HVAC:  Refrigerant Recharging, Condensate Maintenance and Leak Repairs, Monthly Maintenance
  • Electrical:  Any Voltage, Single or Three Phase, New Circuits, New Distribution Centers

Request Hourly Rates for Services Provided Above or Let Us Quote You a Seasonal Monthly Maintenance Rate.

Service Area:

100 mile radius of St. Louis, Missouri